Dating Apps to Try

I think we will all agree, internet dating is here to stay.  We've committed to testing dozens of apps over the past 6 months and we've finally compiled a list of our favorite three!  We based our ranking on the quality of matches we received through the app, the response rate to messages send, and frankly the amount of less-than-classy messages we received.  Without further adieau, here are our favorites!

1.  Bumble

We all know and (sort of) love Tinder, but we think Bumble wins out because it requires that women message men first.  The time is now ladies!  It's similar in that you still swipe, but it also requires you to message a match within 24 hours, which is a great way to actually motivate you to start chatting.  Overall, we thought the design was great and easy to use, so this is our first choice.  We've also had the best results, personally, from Bumble - Hi Charlie! ^^

2.  SneakPeek Dating

This was a very close second because it involves real video chats with potential matches (rather than just swiping) and is for serious users that actually want to get together and have a relationship rather than just a casual hookup.  The best part about SneakPeek is that you don’t waste any time – you’re not swiping left and right endlessly or dealing with the often inappropriate messages that you receive through other dating apps.  While a bit nerve wrecking at first, SneakPeek gives you much more insight into a potential match than other apps.  In addition, it feels more genuine and authentic, and the potential matches we’ve received so far are more interesting, adult and mature.  

3. Happn

Happn is a location based application that allows you see people that are nearby your location.  It takes a little bit of courage to get over the fact that the matches are often really close by (as little as a block or two), but after you muster the courage, it’s nice to know that you’re dating locals (that is, if you like locals lol).