Five Best Deodorants For Women

I've been spending a ton of time in LA lately, but that also means I've been really hot. As a result, we spent some time testing (in a completely unscientific way) the likes of Secret Clinical Strength, Degree Motionsense, and many others so that we could find some deodorants that really work.  Here are the five best deodorants we’ve found:


Native Deodorant blew us away in terms of effectiveness, and was our favorite by far.  It is fantastic at preventing odors and fighting wetness.  We wore to it to yoga and to the gym multiple times, and never felt worried about our body odor and never felt uncomfortable wetness under our arms.  You can check out reviews from actual customers of Native Deodorant here.

Native Deodorant is made with completely natural ingredients, which was something that was really important to us too.  Unlike antiperspirants, natural deodorants don’t contain any aluminum or parabens, which have been linked to things like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Since we have two young kids at home, using products with natural ingredients was really important to us.

Native comes in some great scents, including Unscented, Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose, Eucalyptus & Mint, and Citrus & Herbal Musk.  Our favorite is Coconut & Vanilla.

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2.   Aesop Deodorant

Aēsop is a skin care company that started in Australia and has really begun making a name for itself in the United States.  Like the other deodorants on the list, Aēsop Deodorant is aluminum and paraben free.  We loved the sophisticated scent (similar to Aēsop soap), but thought that other stick forms of deodorant kept us much drier.  In addition, Aēsop is on the pricey side for deodorants, and so it earned our #2 spot.

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3.  Jason Deodorant

JASON has a long history of making natural products, and its deodorant is no different. We liked that it came in stick form as opposed to a spray or cream, as we’ve found the stick form to be more effective at keeping us dry. We tried a few scents with Jason’s, and it was hit or miss in terms of whether we liked the scent, and so we gave it our #3 spot.

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4.  Honest Deodorant

If you are a parent, you’ve likely experimented with some Honest Co. products. Honest Deodorant comes in a spray format, which isn’t my favorite.  We’ve found that natural spray deodorants don’t do a good job at preventing wetness.  Honest Co is no different – it has great scents (Bergamont Sage is my favorite) but doesn’t do enough to prevent wetness for us, and so we ranked Honest Co. #4 on our list.

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5. Organic 101

Organic 101 Deodorant is certified organic by the USDA, and I’m not sure if any other deodorants are able to say that. The deodorant smelled a bit manly for our tastes – more like Old Spice or a heavy dose of cinnamon – and so we thought Honest’s scent was superior.  It is also a bit dry to roll on, so it earned our #5 spot.

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