Let's Talk Ice Cream

It's August, it's hot, and what better way to cool down, than with a nice ice cream cone!! If you've been following along, you probably know I love food, and ice cream might just be my very favorite food group. I'm going to share a few of my favorite spots from NYC - in case you're looking for a cone to cool down.

1. Momofuku Milk Bar

The absolute must-visit staple. Best know for their soft-serve "cereal milk" flavor. Get it topped with corn flakes, you can thank us later. There are a few in the city now but out go to favorite is the OG on E. 13th st. Don't be afraid to try their cookies too though, it's all divine!

2. Lilia

This is a hidden gem in Williamsburg. Known for their amazing pasta, they also happen to have a soft-serve gelato that is worth the 2-hour wait for the restaurant! They do a simple chocolate and vanilla, and you can't go wrong with either. Let's be honest, you should probably get both. There's a secret back cafe too that you can sneak into for the ice cream, and avoid the main restaurant wait as well.

3. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Salty Pimps, just say that when you get to the counter and everything will be okay. This place is going to be crowdedddddddd, but it's for a good reason. The ice cream is extra creamy and full of spunk. We prefer the E. Village location on E. 7th, as it's right near Tompkins Square Park. Grab a scoop, and head to the park for some superb people watching. Also napkins, take lots of napkins because they basically overfill every cone.. on purpose.

Now off you go and let me know which ice cream is your favorite in the comments!