Top 3 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

We’ve all been there, you start the New Year the best intentions, but then… life happens, and the resolutions fall by the wayside.  That’s where we come in - we’ve asked the team to come up with the top 4 resolutions that you can keep.  The real secret here is specificity.  Be explicit in your goals and you can make it all the way to 2020!  Without further ado:

(1) Set an Explicit Exercise Goal.

Everyone wants to be in better shape, right?  The problem with the “Get Fit” resolution is it’s usually too fluffy and unrealistic.  The best thing to do is to set an achievable exercise goal that you can commit to now.  For example, it could be “Run 1 mile per week” or “Do 50 push ups each weekend.”  Set a calendar reminder and make this a habit for the first two months.  By year you’ll be feeling better and likely increasing your resolution instead of ignoring it!

(2) Don’t Change Your Diet, Just Enhance it.  

Extreme diets and fad diets are (unfortunately) difficult to maintain and typically not great for your health.  However, everyone wants to “eat better.”  Set a resolution to enhance your diet, but like with the exercise, make it an easy and explicit resolution.  For example, you could “eat vegetarian for one day per week” or “prepare a salad for dinner every Saturday… Salad Saturday.”  What’s important is you’re enhancing your diet in a sustainable and achievable way for the New Year.

(3) Take Care of Yourself with a Routine.  

You are beautiful and you deserve to put yourself first.  Seriously though, our final Resolution is to “treat yourself” with a routine that you can maintain.  This could be as simple as taking 5 minutes every morning to meditate in the morning about what you’ve accomplished, or perhaps it’s promising yourself one luxurious bath every week to unwind.  Take care of you!

Hopefully this helps you think about the New Year and a whole new way to keep your resolutions!