Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts

Wondering what to get for that special someone? We're here to help 😀.   Here's our top 5!


VINEBOX, a wine by the glass club, is our new obsession. Seriously, these individual glasses of wine are brilliant. The club allows you to select between Red, White, or Mixed and they send you 3 glasses every month. You can gift memberships and they start at $25/mo. VINEBOX is also offering a wine + chocolate pairing for the fancy folks - romance "not guaranteed, but highly probable," haha!! Truly, take note gift givers and form an orderly queue.

I know they sold out of their Christmas offer though, so check it out quick! #loveisinthewine

Check it out here

EDIT: The folks at VINEBOX are offering our readers $5 off the bundle! Use coupon code CHIC5 at checkout.

2. DIY M&Ms

Okay, so clearly chocolate is a theme. I just love these custom M&Ms. You can make them say anything!! You can customize color, clip art, messages, you name it. I ordered the 40 pack to give to all my non-wine-drinking friends. They are a little pricy, with the 40 pack ringing in at $149.99 for custom message, but wildly fun!

Check M&Ms out here

3.  White Stems + a Sweet Fig candle

Flowers are always a good option. We really love this bundle from BloomThat that pairs classic white stem roses with a lovely sweet fig scented candle. Now if you're a real go getter, you could do flowers, chocolate, and wine! This offer rings in at $87 before shipping, so it is also a bit on the high side, but the flowers are beautiful! #flowerpower

Check it out here

4.  Food Inspired Love Notes

These greeting cards after our own hearts are printed with puns galore for your food-loving sole mate. Some examples are “Miso Happy” with miso soup, “Well Done” with steaks, and “Sole Mates” with the fish on the cover. Adorable. The custom fill-in the blank card from VINEBOX is still our favorite, but this is a strong contender for all the foodies out there. The cards are $30 for a pack of 10.

Check them out here

5.  Chanel No. 5

A fresh new perfume can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Plus, it's Chanel! The No. 5 L'eau retails for $132 (in the 3.4 oz size), but it's very definitely a statement. Smelling good is living good!

Check it out here

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